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Naming & Branding Opportunities

Customized Options

Our team is dedicated to creating strategic partnerships with brands and individuals harmonious with our mission.

The links above feature several options that will align you with our passionate and growing team! If you wish to create a customized partnership please contact us.

Leadership Team

Individuals particapating within committes, and on the executive boards, are all active and contributing members of the Southern Museum of Music.

$5,000 to $1+ Million are available

Thank you for your interest and for supporting the Southern Museum of Music.

The Southern Museum of Music multi-tiered levels of naming and branding partnerships provide brands and major gift donors a direct opportunity to help support and establish the Southern Museum of Music including architectural design, exhibits & interactive displays, design & construction, museum exhibit room build-out, general fund and operation over-view.

Your particapation and contributions also secure exclusivity and naming rights on specific exhibits, events and museum components. The opportunity also extends to local, national and international marketing, website and social media, in-house radio and studio production, with a wind-ranging selection of direct support opportunities as a partner of the Southern Museum of Music.


  • FAMILY ZONE (Participatory Experience)
    This area isn’t huge, but It is definitely an addition you won’t want to miss when you’re visiting with children. Within an environment that has a lot of, “Look but don’t touch.”  Think of it as a parent pit-stop on your trip around the museum.

  • MULTI-FUNCTION ROOMS (Participatory Experience)
    This area is divided into three separate experience zones that plan to include a fan green screen photograph experience, portable sing-along recording booth, and another to be determined guest participation experiences.

  • MEDIA LIBRARY (Participatory Experience)
    Filled with computers and archival materials relating to the history of southern music. Our mission is to provide access to these resources for the general public in order to broaden awareness and understanding.

  • HISTORY OF MUSIC THEATER (Visual & Audio Experience)
    To enhance the visitor experience, this multi-media custom production will begin with a Native American rhythm as the beat brings you into a historical journey of southern music combining film footage, music, interviews, and still photography telling the story of the southern genre’s and the impact of music world-wide.

  • PRESENTATION ROOM (Live Participatory Experience)
    This multi-function area will create engaging conversations around creativity, industry trends, history and the future of music. We connect our guests with leaders in the fields of entertainment, music trends, and education to discuss important topics that impact our industry, our communities, and our world of southern music

  • RECORDING STUDIO (Live Observation Experience)
    The Museum will host a full-featured recording studio. During guests visit you never know who you will see laying down new tracks, recording a solo, or recording artist interviews. Whatever kind of music you listen to the recording studio is where the magic happens.

  • SMOM RADIO (Live Observation Experience)
    SMOM Radio® features a live broadcast booth outfitted with vintage equipment that has been built to meet the demands of modern broadcasting. This is not just an exhibit, however – this is Radio SMOM®, a working, low-power radio station that broadcasts from the museum, streaming online, and through a mobile APP. with plans for a SiriusXM Radio show.

  • FROM PEN-TO-STAGE (Exhibition)
    This exhibit is bridging the gap and spotlighting many of the un-heard of industry professionals that create the platform for the discovery of new talent.

  • RADIO - STUDIO & TOURS (Participatory Experience)
    A Multidisciplinary space that features an exhibition gallery and a permanent collection of recorded music, and broadcast disciplines. This exhibit also gives you the opportunity of live viewing via sound-proof observation window of the SMOM® Radio broadcast booth and scheduled live recordings in the museum studio

    Follow a detailed timeline and discover the heritage of your favorite southern born genre and how it influenced music internationally. Some of the featured genres are: Native American, Spirituals, Bluegrass, Country, Folk, Funk, Gospel, Blues, Jazz, Rhythm & Blues, Southern Rock, Rock-A-Billy, Zydeco, Carolina Beach, Southern Hip-Hop, Ragtime and Soul.

    This exhibit is dedicated to southern music and its origins and impact on the world. Through this area you will learn more about southern music and how it has made its mark in history and continues to contribute to the story of music and its ability to integrate different generations.

    Highlighting the influence and contributions of early individuals and artists in the history of the recognized genres associated with southern music.

    As the museum’s collection continues to grow and evolve, so will the museum and this exhibit. Our curators will constantly collect new artifacts to ensure this exhibit is not only continually changing to represent a cross-section of the numerous interpretations of southern music, it encourages guest return visits.

    One of the museum's core, exhibit tells the story of one of our southern music pioneers life and career. This exciting, multi-layered experience includes artifacts, photographs, original recordings, archival video, touchscreen interactive media, and beautifully rendered text panels. The exhibit immerses the visitor in the history and sounds of the performers lives and accomplishments.

    The Southern Museum of Music plans to particapate with the Smithsonian Institution's traveling exhibition service and other museum exchanges. A travelling exhibition also referred to as a "travelling exhibit" or a "touring exhibition" will provid the Southern Museum of Music with opportunities to expand our audience’s access to unique collections.

  • WALL DISPLAYS (Exhibition)
    Throughout a guest’s journey they are able to experience a vast collection of historical photographic artifacts and recordings at every turn. This unprecedented view into the shared history of southern music and the processes from which the Museum exhibits emerge.

  • SEMI-TRAILER ON THE ROAD EXHIBIT (Traveling Exhibition)
    History delivered... The Southern Museum of Music represents musical accomplisments of individuals spanning seventeen states that represent the south. The Mobile Experience will tour the official 17 southern States, delivering history, music and art experiences. There is no better way to reach underserved audiences than to drive directly to them.


    Donations can be mailed to the following address:

    Southern Museum of Music Inc.
    P.O. Box 3146
    Atlanta, GA 30302

    or click the button below or option menu on left to make a scure online contribution.