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Connecting Blues Music with the Prostate Cancer Cause…

Memphis TN,

The Southern Museum of Music is pleased to announce that it has been selected as one of the supporting sponsors of the Buddy Guy Blues Tour for Prostate Cancer.

Blues legend Buddy Guy will be heading up the Men Who Speak Up Buddy Guy’s Blues Tour for Prostate Cancer Education and Awareness beginning in September 2016. Buddy will be performing with local blues musicians in cities across the country at the same time presenting the important information men need to make informed decisions about this deadly disease.

Written by W.P. Rader on August 15, 2016.



TV47 Filming of The Atlanta Jazz & Blues Show Saved...

Atlanta, GA

When Comcast closed its Atlanta studio, that aired several locally produced community programs, most of the shows were forced to stop production. One of the featured shows, produced by Tom Carpenter, was the longest running shows on Channel 25, The Atlanta Jazz and Blues Show featuring one of the largest archived video libraries of the best musicians and performers in the South. 

The Southern Museum of Music is proud to provide the support needed to continue this significant program. The diverse and outstanding group of performers recorded live each month contibute in the fields of archiving, preservation and music research. The Atlanta Jazz & Blues Show is a rich, historically important treasury of jazz, blues music, and extended southern music experiences. The Atlanta Jazz & Blues Show is a magnetic force that draws musical innovators from all over the south, offering the unique opportunity to work with ensembles large and small away from the restrictive climate of the professional music world.

View our calendar of scheduled events for filming dates and your ability to attend and be part of our live studio audance.

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Written by W.P. Rader on August 15, 2016.



Thank You Westside Cultural Arts Center

The Southern Museum of Music's Executive Board would like to express our gratitude and thanks to the Westside Cultural Arts Center for hosting the Southern Museum of Music (SMoM) development workshops, meetings and sponsored events.

Based on feedback, the workshops, meetings and events conducted at the WCAC are the most successful to-date. The team at Westside Cultural Arts Center provided excellent leadership in the pre-workshop/event planning and then directly contributed to the success of the workshops with their presentations and interactions with the SMoM participants. They were ably supported by the Westside Cultural Arts Center Staff.

In addition, recognition is due to the WCAC leadership for their superb planning and professional execution of logistics for our group. Again, we are extremely appreciative of the Westside Cultural Arts Center for hosting the Southern Museum of Music monthly meetings and sponsored events your support for local collaboration.

Again thank you for your organization’s contributions to this important international endeavor.

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Written by SMoM Executive Board of Directors on March 17, 2016.